Research Topic Statement


Please write 2-3 sentences sketching out the topic you intend to research.  Below, give four questions that will guide your research.  For 2 of your four questions, list an article (in proper bibliographic format) that would help you to answer your question.


I am going to research the various GPS guidance systems that are being placed into new luxury cars, vans and SUVs.  I am interested in the way cars-- physical products -- are being reconceived and repackaged as a way to purchase long-term services.  I am also interested in the relationship car companies have formed with satellite or other mapping services.   Finally, I am interested in legal aspects of this service:  the rights and responsibilities established between customers and car companies.

1) Who is liable for if a car guidance system contains misinformation?

2) What is the cost for something like ONStar and other emergency/info auto services?

3) Are drivers in cars with GPS generally focused on the road, or are they distracted by all the options and gadgetry?

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< >

4) Who is selling the mapping service and software to car companies?

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