Essay 3: Critique


Essay Format:  at the top of the page, please place the following:


Your Name

Ms. Pense

English 101



“Title of Your Critique” (You should make up a title for your essay.)


Note on Length:  Your paper should be about 5 paragraphs, or 3 double-spaced pages.


Essay Content: Select 1 longer article (about 6 pages in length) which you will use for your research paper.


1. Is the title of the article you are reviewing placed in quotations? Are the title and author mentioned in the first or second sentence of your critique?


2. Have you offered a 2-3 sentence explanation of the importance of your topic?  Have you explained to your reader why he or she should care about this issue?


3. Have you summarized the article you are reviewing briefly, objectively and completely?  Have you mentioned main points and sub-points? Do you include telling (significant) and memorable examples?


4. Do you include quotations?


5. As you write your opinion on the issue and on the article itself, have you included some of the following…? 


What were the author’s purposes in writing this article?  Consider the techniques he or she uses to inform, persuade (and possibly) entertain you.  Do you find any logical fallacies?  [Attention]


Is there some aspect of the topic which he or she should have considered?  [Imagination]


Have you read other or better articles on this topic? Do you have personal knowledge of this topic? [Experience]


5. Do you conclude by indicating whether you (mostly) agree or (mostly) disagree with the author?


Essay Structure:


1) Are there at least 5 paragraphs in this essay?


2) Does the topic sentence indicate the content for each of your paragraphs?


3) Have you underlined the paragraph in which your loose, balanced and periodic sentences appear?


Please turn in the article together with your summary.