Instructions for Essay 4: First Draft of Final Paper

Essay Format:

At the top of the page, please place the following:

Your Name
Ms. Pense
English 101

Date"Title of Your Paper" (You should make up a title for your essay.)Essay Length: Your paper should be 12 paragraphs, or 6 double-spaced pages.



1. Does your introduction include a thesis statement? Is that statement logical and tenable and refutable? Have you explained to your reader why he or she should care about this issue? Have you made an argument by 1) applying analytical criteria to your topic's key features and important relationships and/or 2) suggested conclusions or actions about your topic's key features and important relationships?

2. Have you made sure that each topic sentence is related to the thesis statement? Do your body paragraphs flow in logical order? Do you have good transition sentences leading from one paragraph to the next?

3. Do you include 7 quotations? Are the speakers of your quotes introduced properly? Does the parenthetical citation include the page number, and if necessary, the author?

4. Does your conclusion reiterate why the particular features and relationships you selected are important for an understanding of your topic? Have you briefly re-stated the validity of your analysis and/or the conclusions and actions you recommend?

5. Do you have a Works Cited page in which you include proper citation information for 7 articles?


1. Are there at least 12 paragraphs in this essay? Can you identify the topic sentence for each of your paragraphs? Does the topic sentence have a governing idea, indicate an attitude, and set direction?

2. Select three paragraphs. In these paragraphs include and mark with bracketed numbers:

[1] 3 strategically and contiguously placed short sentences;

[2] & [3] 2 long periodic sentences

[4] & [5] 2 balanced sentences

[6] a strategically used static sentence

[7] a strategically used loose sentence

[8] a sentence featuring gerunds, participles or prepositions