Essay 5: The Final Research Paper


Essay Format:  at the top of the page, please place the following:


Your Name

Ms. Pense

English 101



“Title of Your Paper” (You should make up a title for your final research paper.)


Essay Length:  Your paper should be 14 paragraphs, or 8 double-spaced pages.


What should the final research paper display?


1. A solid thesis statement. 


It may be analytical thesis or an argument thesis.  It may NOT be an explanatory thesis.


2. Strong organization


a) Most papers will use a theme-based format.

b) Have good paragraph topic sentences.  Make sure they have direction and
    attitude as well as a governing idea.


(Don’t forget:  you will have to summarize, critique and synthesize as you write.)


3. A Variety of Sentence Styles

Select three paragraphs. In these paragraphs include and mark with bracketed numbers:

[1] 3 strategically and contiguously placed short sentences;

[2] & [3] 2 long periodic sentences

[4] & [5] 2 balanced sentences

[6] a strategically used static sentence

[7] a strategically used loose sentence

[8] a sentence featuring gerunds, participles or prepositions

4. Quotes and paraphrases with accompanying parenthetic citations


Be sure to have at least 10 quotes or paraphrases.  Why?  You have, at minimum, 10 items listed in your “Works Cited” page.


5. A Works Cited (Bibliography) page with 10 resources


a) Use scholarly articles. 

b) Put them in alphabetical order

c) Make sure you have all of the needed information in the correct format.