Paper Three


A.  Format:  Essay/Critique


1. About 5 double-spaced typed pages, or 10 paragraphs.   Place a one-inch margin in all sides and use 12 point type. The paper must include a cover sheet, described below.

2. All finished papers must be posted online using Connect.web software, which can be used on a home computer or on any college computer through an Internet browser. 


B.  Theme: Research a poet. Read at least 5 other poems by this author and select one work (not used in class) upon which to focus. Working stanza by stanza, analyze this work in-depth: suggest what themes or concerns are present in this work, and explain how the diction and poetic devices in the work support the poem's themes. Do NOT use any outside sources for your analysis. Within the essay, write a sentence [modeled on Ex. 29].


C.  Writing Skills:

1. Strong thesis statement, body, and conclusion.

2. As write, you may use either the first person singular (I think) or first person plural (we think)...


3. Coherent and well-written paragraphs, including the following:

         strong opening sentences (Try a bold equative clause to state your opinion!)

         relevant supporting sentences

         logical transition or closing sentences.


4. Within the essay, write a sentence modeled on Ex. 28.

5. In a cover sheet, explain what effect you intended to produce with your participial phrases. Also in the cover sheet, describe the literary devices that support the poet's ideas.

D. Literary Knowledge:
Demonstrate understanding of the following literary terms (devices):

Ballad, couple, dramatic, epic and lyric poems, ode, imagery, simile, metaphor, pastorals, rhythm and rhyme scheme, sonnet, stanza, ethos, logos, pathos, diction, syntax, irony, imagery, mood, tone, theme


Paper Three Grading Checklist

1. Does the cover sheet explain the use you are making of your participial phrases?


2. Does the paper have a clear introduction, body and conclusion?

3. Does the introduction of your paper have a clear thesis statement? Remember, a thesis statement is the writer's opinion of the significance of selected facts. The statement indicates (roughly) in the order in which the arguments will appear in the paper.

4. Does the paper make a stanza-by-stanza analysis of the poem? Are any parts skipped?

5. Does the paper describe the rhyme scheme and rhythm of the poem?

6. Are unique and interesting word choices discussed?

7. Is the paper about 5 double-spaced typed pages, or 10 paragraphs?