Paper Four 


A.  Format:  Research Paper

1. About 6 double-spaced typed pages, or 12 paragraphs.   Place a one-inch margin in all sides and use 12 point type. The paper must include a cover sheet, described below.

2. All finished papers must be posted online using Connect.web software, which can be used on a home computer or on any college computer through an Internet browser. 


B.  Theme:


Choose either Oedipus Rex or Othello. Do some research on the context of these works, and identify 4 scholarly sources to support your ideas (Include a Works Cited page). How do the work's themes give insight into the culture that produced it?


Focus on one aspect of the culture that intrigues you. Select 3 or 4 dialogue exchanges in Oedipus Rex or Othello. How do these dialogues give insight into the themes or ideas you have chosen? Cite critics as appropriate. Within the research paper, use 2 sentences modeled on the sentences in Exercise 32: make one a simile (using "like") and one a movement through space.


C.  Writing Skills:


1. Strong thesis statement, body, and conclusion.

2. Coherent and well-written paragraphs, including the following:

         strong opening sentences

         relevant supporting sentences

         logical transition or closing sentences.

3. Include at least 4 citations.

4. Within the research paper, use 2 sentences modeled on the prepositions in Exercise 32.  One sentence should be a metaphor, and one a movement through physical space, mental space, or time.


5. In a cover sheet, identify your simile and explain why you used it. Also explain the ideas/spaces you were linking with prepositions in your second sentence. Finally, make a short list of the 2-3 literary devices that you discuss in this paper (for literary devices, see the list in "D").


6.  Include an Works Cited page, citing your 4 sources and attributing your quotations.


D. Literary Knowledge:

Demonstrate understanding of some of the following literary terms (devices):

Action, chorus, comedy, conflict, dialogue, hubris, irony, plot, protagonist, soliloquy, strophe, anti-strophe, tragedy 


 Paper Four Grading Checklist


1. Does the thesis statement identify the themes you will discuss? Remember, a thesis statement is an informed opinion about the significance of selected facts. The statement indicates (roughly) in the order in which the arguments are presented in this paper.
2. Are 3 or 4 key dialogues selected and discussed?

3. Are at least 2 literary devices mention in your discussion of the work's themes?

4. Are critics cited and quoted?

5. Are there 2 sentences modeled on Exercise 32? 


General Matters:
1. Is the paper about 12 paragraphs (6 pages) long?
2. Is there a Works Cited page with at least 4 sources?
3. Does the cover sheet identify cultural themes under discussion and describe the simile and prepositional phrases in 2 sentences?