Paper One

A. Format: Essay


1. About 4 double-spaced typed pages, or 8 paragraphs.   Place a one-inch margin in all sides and use 12 point type. The paper must include a cover sheet, described below.


2. All finished papers must be posted online using Connect.web software, which can be used on a home computer or on any college computer through an Internet browser.


B. Theme:


Write a meditative essay using a single object to anchor your ideas and thoughts. Aim to create a distinct mood, using specific imagery.




Illuminate a hidden social trend, using very specific facts and details to illustrate your point.



C. Writing Skills:

1. Coherent and well-written paragraphs, including the following:

         strong opening sentences

         relevant supporting sentences

         logical transition or closing sentences


2. Within the essay, use short sentences for effect, modeled on the work you did in Ex. 1-5.

3. In a cover sheet, identify the mood, themes and imagery that you use. Also on that sheet, analyze one paragraph in your essay, explaining where you chose to put the short sentence(s), and what effect you aimed to produce.


D. Literary Knowledge:

Demonstrate understanding of the following literary terms (devices):

diction, denotation, connotation, syntax, imagery, mood, tone, theme, action

Paper One, Grading Checklist

A. Format: Length OK?


B. Theme: Easily identified? Concludes something insightful or surprising?


C. Writing Skills:

1. Had a clear introduction, body and conclusion?


2. Had coherent and well-written paragraphs, including strong opening sentences, relevant supporting sentences and logical transition or closing sentences?


3. Used short sentences for effect?

D. Cover Sheet

1. identified mood and theme
2. cited one specific image
3. analyzed one paragraph in the essay, explaining the effect of the short sentence(s)