Paper Two 

A.  Format:  Research Paper


1. About 7 double-spaced typed pages, or 14 paragraphs.   Place a one-inch margin in all sides and use 12 point type. The paper must include a cover sheet, described below.


3. All finished papers must be posted online using Connect.web software, which can be used on a home computer or on any college computer through an Internet browser. 

B.  Theme:

Research one of the short story authors. Read two other short stories by this author, and identify 3 scholarly sources to support your ideas. (Include a Works Cited page) Part 1: Give a 2-page brief overview of his or her life and writing life. Part 2: Compare the themes of the 3 stories. What links the three short stories? Part 3: Explain how the literary devices in one of the three stories support the various themes of interest to this author. Within the research paper, use a sentence [modeled on Exercise 12].

C.  Writing Skills:

1. Strong thesis statement, body, and conclusion.


2. Coherent and well-written paragraphs, including the following:

         strong opening sentences

         relevant supporting sentences

         logical transition or closing sentences


3. Within the essay, use at least two sentences featuring nouns for effect, modeled on the work you did in Exercise 6-9.  Please underline these two sentences. 


4.  In a cover sheet, explain the components of your appositive sentence. Also, make a short list of the 3-5 literary devices that you analyze in your chosen short story.


5.  Include an Endnotes page, citing your sources and attributing your quotations.


Literary Knowledge:

Demonstrate understanding of at least 5 of the following literary terms (devices):

Action, Authorial point of view, characterization, conflict, dialogue, diction, irony, imagery, plot, mood, syntax, theme and tone.




Paper Two Grading Checklist

Part One:

1. Are all periods of the author's life indicated?
2. Are the author's major works listed and described?
3. Are critics quoted with reference to these works?
4. Is there a clear indication of the author's overall interests, issues and concerns?
5. Is there effective use of appositive sentences to define and describe the author and his or her work?

Part Two:

1. Does the paper have a thesis statement about the common themes between these short stories? Remember, a thesis statement is an informed opinion about the significance of selected facts. The statement indicates (roughly) in the order in which the arguments are presented in this paper.
2. Is the plot of each story indicated briefly?
3. Are there direct quotations from each story?

Part Three:

1. Are at least three literary devices analyzed?
2. Are there several direct quotations from this story?
3. Are the essential themes in this story named and linked to the author's overall issues and concerns?

General Matters:

1. Is the paper about 14 paragraphs (7 pages) long?
2. Does the paper have an Endnotes page, and are there 3 sources listed on that page?
3. Does the cover sheet explain the components of the two appositive sentences? Does the cover sheet include a short list of the 3-5 literary devices that analyzed in this paper?