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Bethlehem, PA 18018

Tel: 1-610-324-3880

Key Skills:

  • Proven ability to envision, design and carry out short- and long-term projects in education, including hiring, supervising, training as well as curriculum development, marketing, & sales.

  • Experience teaching history, science, technology and society, British and American literature, writing, American film, and English as a Second Language.

  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills; flexible reasoning, organizational and analytical skills.

  • Extensive international study abroad travel and academic sales experience.

  • Basic spoken Chinese.
 Adminstrative and Management Experience  

Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences, Northampton Community College

  • Manage 55 full-time faculty, hiring an average of three people each year and overseeing the six-year tenure process.
  • Supervise 13 A.A. and A.A.S. programs
  • Oversee a 7 million-dollar budget. 
  • Maintain transfer and articulation agreements with four-year institutions
  • Schedule 700 sections each semester and monitor 5 multi-section gateway courses
  • Facilitate assessment in all programs, with a focus on gateway and capstone courses
  • Seek, administer and oversee grants in international, environmental and humanities areas
  • Manage summer ESL and support summer Theatre programs
  • Oversee NCC’s community garden and experimental environmental space

Special Accomplishments;

  • Oversaw the creation of new programs in Global Studies, Applied Psychology, Food Studies, Publishing for Authors, Creative Writing, and two languages, Chinese and Arabic.
  • Developed study abroad experiences in Jordan, Cairo, and Shanghai.
  • Presented with FHI 360 to Afghan college administrators on structures and strategies of community college credit and non-credit teaching.
  • Visiting Scholar, DianJi University, Shanghai, China


July 2009-present  

Assistant Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences, Northampton Community College

Responsible for staffing and assessing adjuncts in English, History, ESL, Reading, Speech Communications and Humanities, as well as teaching and supporting College-wide developmental initiatives.

2007- 2009


“Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry”
Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Director of Curriculum and Programs Officer

Curriculum design:  Designed and organized the Iacocca Institute’s six-week summer curriculum (48 short courses). Recruited and prepared the faculty, including international professors, in engineering, business and management. Created guide-staff manuals for employees and conducted all orientation and training sessions. Created, designed and implemented evaluation metrics for classes, projects, events and intern presentations.  

Logistics and programming: Designed and built the program's on-line registration and administrative management system. Teamed with the clerical staff to manage and coordinate all program logistics, including transportation planning, classroom reservations, and meal plans.

Marketing: Teamed with the art director, photographer, and printer to produce the entire program’s marketing brochures, course catalogs, and promotional CD-ROMs.

Budget Management: Developed and managed the program's $300,000 annual budget.

1996 – 2004


“Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry”
Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Asia Recruiter

International Recruiting: Recruited and traveled extensively throughout Asia: People's Republic of China, Inner Mongolia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.  Visited universities, businesses, and government offices across Asia to identify, select, and recruit outstanding candidates. Worked with the President and Provost's offices, the Director of Study Abroad, the Director of International Recruiting, the Dean of the Colleges of Business & Economics, and the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences to market Lehigh University abroad.

Academic and Corporate Scholarships: Created new corporate and university partnerships and scholarships throughout Asia.

Database Management: Developed the Iacocca Institute’s Asia recruiting strategy, mailings, and databases as well as personal tracking systems. 

Sales Targeting: Created and implemented budget models to help our sales and marketing team to realize its targeted yearly sales and scholarship goals.

1996 – 2004

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Asian Initiatives Coordinator

Faculty Interaction:  Interviewed administrators and faculty to determine future Lehigh University “Asian initiatives” and possible programs.  Coordinated efforts between the College of Business & Economics and the College of Arts & Sciences to design and implement the first successful "Lehigh in China" program. 

Marketing: Designed all brochures and application materials and then marketed the program to Lehigh students, parents, and alumni.  Traveled with the program while in China to handle logistics. 

Curriculum Design:  Worked with the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, Carbon County Intermediate Unit to establish credit for the "Teaching Asia" workshop and then organized accordingly the first Lehigh workshop for high school teachers and administrators on "Teaching Asia."

 Teaching and Consulting Experience: 

Instructor, Northampton Area Community College, Bethlehem, PA

Taught Foundations of Modern European History, English I and II. "Foundations" covers the social, political and economic trends associated with the Renaissance, Reformation, scientific and industrial revolutions in Europe. English I introduces student to academic writing and research; English II introduces students to writing about literature and literary criticism.

June 2004-Present

Researcher, National Science Foundation Grant CNS SES #0531146

Tracked and compiled, online, the intersection of nanotechnology and society in academic papers and in the classroom.

June 2006-2008

Teaching Fellow, Journalism and Communication Department, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Taught "The Politics of Science," a course on the interplay between science, government and society, covering current issues and the historical roots of American science policy.

August 2006-December 2006


Graduate Assistant, History Department, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Taught "Technology and Human Values," an overview of technologies as they affect current social structures for energy resources, medical technologies, politics and work.

Served as TA for "The Environment and Consumer Society," a team-taught multidisciplinary survey of the impact of industrial consumption on the global environment. Served as a member of the teaching team in 2005, covering the anthropology section.

September 2004 - May 2006


Consultant, F.I.E.L.D. School, Italian government and the Calabria regional government

Assisted in selection of the first class of entrepreneurs for intensive training in local development; helped train FIELD staff school. Gave two day-long seminars to 120 government-sponsored Calabrian researchers working on regularizing the underground economy.

January 2004

Facilitator, Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Designed and delivered short courses on “Creativity with Resources,” “Emotional Intelligence,” and “Business Writing.”


Instructor, Lehigh University English as a Second Language Program

Delivered a curriculum focused on writing and literature. Managed a culturally diverse classroom comprised of various skill levels.

1994 -1996


Instructor in ESL Adult Literacy, Lehigh Carbon Community College

Held classes at the workplace, Victoria Vogue, in Bethlehem, PA. Taught grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to adult ESL students.

1994 -1995

Senior Instructor, English Language Institute/China

Yantai University, P.R.C. Taught all undergraduate levels, including courses in American and British Literature, Business Writing, Introduction to Film, and Advanced English Writing for Seniors. 


Teaching Fellow & Adjunct Lecturer, Lehigh University 

Taught four semesters of freshman composition. Created a curriculum which included readings in industrial design, architecture, advertising, film and literature. 


Instructor, English Language Institute/China

Taught freshmen, sophomore and junior undergraduate levels, including courses in American and British Literature, Speaking and Listening at Yantai University, P.R.C. 

Stephen Cutcliffe and Christine Pense, ""Nanotechnology and the Social Construction of Technology: A Preliminary Literature Review" Technology in Today's Culture, May, 2009 (a Basque language publication)

Christine Pense and Stephen Cutcliffe "Risky Talk: Framing the Analysis of the Social Implications of Nanotechnology," Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 27 (2007): 349-366.


Review of Al Teich's Technology and the Future for the
Lehigh University STS Newsletter

 Academic & Community Involvement:

Leadership Commission, Evangelical Congregational Church

Trustee, Kairos University

Member, Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society

Oct. 2004 - Present

Oct 2021- Present

1999 - Present



Pennsylvania State University 

Lehigh University

Lehigh University 
B.A. English Literature 1988 

M.A. English Literature 1992

Ph. D. History of Technology 2008