Group Discussion Questions


What do you think makes a vision inspiring to club members?

What opportunities do you have to explain the club's vision to your group members? How can you create these opportunities?

How can you foster vision among your club so that the group will continue to set goals towards the vision after you graduate?

What are the tasks that no-one likes to do?

Are there tasks that a leader should delegate? How can you delegate effectively?

If you were going create a motto that set a standard for service, what would it say?
(Don't use "Call someone who cares!")


What motivates people to attend club events and work on club functions? Is it obvious why your members are members?

What personal growth opportunities does your club provide?

Do you have any power over your club members? When and how would you exercise it?

When (and why) is it hardest to persuade people to be involved with a club activity?

How can you check to see that the right people are using their talents in the right area?


Have you ever made a decision that you knew would make someone else unhappy? How did you handle that situation before and after the decision?

Has your group ever had an argument over what one or more people perceived to be an ethical issue? How did you resolve it?

What opportunities do you have to explain your club's ethical standards to the group members? Is a discussion of ethics something that would benefit your club?