The Texture of Industry: An Achaeological View of the Industrialization of North America. Robert B. Gordon, Patrick M. Malone.

A gorgeous book on the industrial landscape of America as a subject for archaeological re-discovery. It has a similar structure to Simon Schama's Landscape and Memory, and is rich, like Shama's book, in little details and surprising stories. The book is itself very well made: the pictures are intelligent, illustrative, wonderfully printed. It makes a nice companion piece to the swifter-moving Consuming Power by David Nye. "Chapter 1 introduces industrial archaeology, and Chapter 2 discusses the components of industry, which include the natural and human resources that are used and the social and environmental consequences that result. Part II deals with the landscape of industry; Part III, with workplaces." (5) It is an homage to lost craftways, a meditation on how to preserve what is worth preserving. It reminds us that we have lost physical touch with the making of things. It is also an aesthetic/ethical consideration on the way the living spaces in the landscape were rearranged and ruined - the cost of wealth then and now - in the light of the current post-industrial re-construction.