Leadership Inventory                            Discussion Questions


What is your vision for the group that you are leading?

Were do you want to be in six months, one year, five years?

Does everyone in your group know what the vision is, and in what ways have you explained it?


Do people follow your ideas because you have persuaded them that your vision is good?

Do they follow you from fear or from conviction?

Have you persuaded the right people to be on your team?






Do people in your organization know what the rules for ethical behavior are for the group?

Do you live by the same standards that you expect others to live by?

Are you consistent and fair in your treatment of others?


Do you take risks and accept responsibility for risk-taking?

Can you make good decisions with imperfect information?

Do you accept that some of your decisions will make others unhappy?


Do you know what individuals in your group want to accomplish by working with you?

Are you helping people to reach their professional and personal goals by following the vision you have put forward?

Is everyone doing the task that he or she can best perform?


Have you earned respect by being willing to do the same tasks that you ask others to do?

Do you expect special treatment, and if so, when and why?

Do you encourage team members to serve each other "above and beyond" by setting that example yourself?

copyright Christine Pense, Iacocca Institute, 1999